Saturday, February 9, 2008

A little bit late..but that's okay

Hullaa...everybody.... :“)

I woke up in the following day with lots of hope. I hoped I would be able to wake up early but I am successfuly late.

I’m wondering why I couldn’t listen the alarm clock, in everyday its rang :-D

Eventhough, my three cellphone was rang out, I’m still being a sleeping beauty xixixi. :-p

 I woke up late in the next afternoon, and after having short bath.. I running to my room, and using my cloths as far as I can :o

I am driving my motor cycle like an idiot, frustated with the time (feels like cinderela story with my glass interview kwakaka for almost 120 hour an hour hehe... Im become Dira Rossi.. haha

Today is my interview test, for conversation test. After get test for all of three times, this is my fourth test for that company... i’m not in the mood today, and that’s the worse beginning for having test.

In each day, my English is getting worse, and worse. Last year, i can use all of the grammar structure in a good way. But, now, i just can use simple present. Terriblelly words....i almost forget all of the English structure

Since we felt that we had enough of experience in speaking english.. Maybe thats make us lazy or may be stop to learn again..AND TRADAAAAAA

I become a fool girl

Okay...back to my activity :p

After I finished packing all my stuff (notes, wallet, atom & cellphone, the key of my house), thrown it all to my big bag, and not forget to kissing my granny. i’m ready to go, to get the 3rd test in PT. ME. That was one of the outsourch for "The T Company". And today, they’re gonna asking me ’bout anything in English

I come at 3 o’clock, After short discussion with guy in the front office im waiting for almost a half hours

At 3.40 pm, the manager from Jakarta call me. He asked me to comfort my self, make myself at home while I take a shit (i’m wondering..comfort? Yeah..if u want me to get comfort there’s must be a cup of coffee, a bread..hmm yummy..huehue, but its just my dream.. only his notebook in the table).

Well..the interview getting better, i could forget my nervous reason, he is very kinds, chubby..and have a lot of knowledge ’bout notebook (in my CV that’s my fave hobbies), I was sure that I could manage it.

Around 4.15 the test was over..actually, he said that I could join to next test :D

Interview with the user

Owh..what an awsome days!

I wake up late..runned my motor cycle like crazy, n then I still can join the next test.

What a trully miracle ... Allah... I Love U

~dira indi~